Mandalay Bay Massacre a false flag operation.
Tue Oct 3, 2017 11:01pm

My own studied view is Mr. Paddock is the patsy in all this. Let's start with the alledged 24 suitcases (why not 60, or 100?) AND explosives the man is said to have lugged up to the 32ndfloor. Let's see the hotel/casino security camera videos of that!! And the. It is alledged there were more guns and explosives in his house. The brother says his brother was not a gun enthusiast nor in the military. I heard a while ago he was not into drugs or alcohol and was a friendly neighbor. No, something wicked has caught this man. I have observed two videos taken from separate locations clearly showing the audio sound and muzzle flashes of an sutomatic weapon on the FOURTH FLOOR, not the 32nd. And I have heard a police scanner where the dispatcher states there is a suspect on the fourth floor. And there is the interview where a young woman who was at the concert. She says there was an Hispanic female acting crazy and saying to everyone around her that they were all going to die that night. This 21 year old is very clear about what she witnessed. I suggest authority is lying. I suggest the mainstream news media is lying.