A military style weapon is fully automatic...
Wed Oct 4, 2017 10:17am

This is not. What it does is change your movement. So, instead of pulling your finger backwards to fire a round, you push your non-dominant hand forward to fire a round.

I have played with that toy, and haven't been really impressed with it.

And the rate of fire is based on your non-dominant hand.

The same can be accomplished by hooking one finger through the trigger and your thumb through your belt loop. That is what bump firing was before they made a plastic piece to make it look cooler.

  • All legal. Not expensive. Easy to buy. http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/bump-fire-stocks.html Folks these really work and are a great deal of fun for the recreational shooter thousands have been sold... more
    • A military style weapon is fully automatic... — Sprout, Wed Oct 4 10:17am
      • The word is the shooters' used fully automaticPH🔎⚔🔎EY, Fri Oct 6 6:21pm
        guns. We're these shooters military?
      • What machine gun has a '60' in its designation? (nm)PH🔎👁🔎EY, Thu Oct 5 9:37am
        • It was a medium weight belt fed machine gun chambered in in the 7.62mm x 51mm NATO round. That is essentially equivalent to the .308 rifle round. The M60 gained popularity in Vietnam and is still... more
          • I ask because PH🔎👀🔎EY, Thu Oct 5 10:03am
            I have been reading comments by military veterans who say the professional shooters were likely using this type of automatic weapon because of the sound and rapidity and longevity of the muzzle... more
        • Depends on technique....Sprout, Wed Oct 4 11:01am
          Just like pulling a trigger, some can do it faster than others... I only played with one once. I was able to achieve about the same rate of fire as using the old school 'belt loop' technique, but was ... more
          • "4-6 rounds per second"Jeeves, Wed Oct 4 11:07am
            " To me, it is really more of a gadget than a serious tool. " Whether or not something is a useful tool depends on the task you are attempting to perform. If your goal is to discharge a large number... more
            • To me, the key is that with some practice...Sprout, Wed Oct 4 11:12am
              and good technique (that any 3-gun competitor has), a competitor is going to have the kind of speed that this gadget can provide, but at the same time maintain much better accuracy by using proper... more
              • No skin off my butt, as I can't imagine having any interest in such a device, but I agree that banning it likely won't increase safety all that much. Still, the Las Vegas shooting shows that there... more
                • The ATF's technical branch is the organization that evaluates and classifies products. They have made some screwy decisions over the years including saying that if you hold something a different way... more
                • Why make it cheap and easy?Jeeves, Thu Oct 5 9:36am
                  Sales of bump stocks is WAY up because people are worried that they won't be available for long.
                  • I have little doubt...Poppet, Thu Oct 5 9:50pm
                    ...that 3D printer plans for these are already spreading like a virus. I don't in the least object to banning these. They're a cheesy end-around the intent of the regulation of automatic weapons. But ... more
                    • A breath of fresh reasoning. (nm)PH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Fri Oct 6 10:43am
                    • Behavior modificationPikes, Thu Oct 5 10:30pm
                      No policy about guns resolves misuse. If one did the trick, it would leap out and grab out attention. Instead, the same people propose the same old tired arguments, insisting they will work, when... more
                      • Yes, an example is dinasour Jeff Sessions. (nm)PH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Fri Oct 6 10:44am
                      • I'm at a bit of a loss on this one, I fear.Poppet, Fri Oct 6 10:42am
                        Perhaps the answer will indeed be in a scientific approach, based on brain chemistry modification. Obviously identifying candidates for such treatment is at least as challenging as developing the... more
                        • And what would be the vector?PH🔎🔎EY, Fri Oct 6 6:27pm
                          Our atmosphere. The air we breathe. I think a candidate for changing thebrain chemtrailistry has to be nano-top dog American Element Corporation. What a company!
                        • Obviously their spirits collaborated to bring us Donald the Menace. Implementation of any neuroscience intervention, be is surgical, chemical or genetic therapy first requires identification of... more
                          • For years I have blamed these ills PH👁🔎👁EY, Fri Oct 6 12:46pm
                            on the Mickey Mouse Club. Howdy Doody was just the icing on the many layered concoction. The shock was when they all were "killed" in a bus or train wreck. Where was Spock and Seuss when I needed... more
                          • And what is 'normal'? Sprout, Fri Oct 6 12:39pm
                            Even if we could both define and quantify the brain down to the level that we could analyze and predict behaviors of that organ, AND we develop the tools to modify it to alter the desired outcome, to ... more
                        • Especially since most of us really don't careSprout, Fri Oct 6 10:48am
                          about the opinions of those OUTSIDE of our social groups. And our social groups GENERALLY match our ideology on issues like firearms. If some random stranger tells me to get rid of my guns, he can... more
                          • Excellent observation.Poppet, Fri Oct 6 3:28pm
                            There are certainly exceptions, though, although I'd say they only go so far. I am, as you know, quite liberal in my politics...a socialist, in fact. In the overall scheme of things on the left, my... more
                        • At, the good old days. Lobotomies. (nm)PH👻👻EY, Fri Oct 6 10:45am
                  • Always happens...Sprout, Thu Oct 5 9:47am
                    Threaten to ban something and those even barely CONSIDERING the item will likely make the purchase just so they CAN have it down the road if they really decide they want it. And especially in the... more
                    • And banning that which playedPH🔎👁🔎EY, Thu Oct 5 9:54am
                      no role in the massacre. Becayse authority allowed these shooters to set up their lairs in a hotel, then really, the gun control rubric is really nothing but pure BS. Though it is very likely part of ... more
                      • Having qualified expert with the M60...Sprout, Thu Oct 5 10:22am
                        and having qualified expert and competed with M16's and AR platform rifles... And having played with the bump fire stock being discussed, I can say from a fair bit of experience I HIGHLY doubt that... more
                  • Bump stocks? A term unfamiliar to me.PH👁EY, Thu Oct 5 9:47am
                    Are you saying a bump stock is one which has an uptick in sales? And you are referring to guns. Yes, good. People ought to arm themselves. And the AR 15 is about the only real protection, that and a... more
                    • of the story. A bump fire stock is believed to have been the device used by the Las Vegas shooter to increase his rate of fire. Given that, it is totally unsurprising that there is discussion of... more
                      • Apparently that is where your fixation lies. Because there were at least three shooters, maybe a fourth. Come on, stop parroting those lying bastards.
                        • declaring as FACT that you DO know that the whole thing was a "false flag" operation ??? WTF ??? While I suspect that you automatically decided that it wasn't a real attack by a lone shooter and... more
                          • Yes, this Vegas massacre is a false flag op.PH👁🔎👁EY, Thu Oct 5 3:50pm
                            And whether or not a device is fitted to a semi- automatic or not is beside the point. But that is an alledged accusation. So where to you get I have a fixation? I merely post evidence off of IBDY... more
                            • My "ILK" wants to simplify in tandem outrageous claims????? ... Sia☺giah, Fri Oct 6 12:58am
                              WOW. My "great insight" comes from NOT making "snap judgments" that something is a false flag op without having read up on EVERYTHING I could get my hands on FIRST. All I said to you is that I cannot ... more
                              • No reason necessary.Poppet, Fri Oct 6 10:31am
                                "I don't see what possible reason you have for so rudely responding to my observations." All the reason needed is that this is what conspiracy junkies do : they flip their shit at anyone who doesn't... more
                                • "Clown"?PH😡😡EY, Fri Oct 6 11:26am
                                  This is not dignified to be referring to a contributor as a clown. I find SPROUTS invictive to be less of an insult. There is no theory where there are the facts. Without posting a plethora of links... more
                                  • Spare me your crocodile tears, clown.Poppet, Fri Oct 6 1:56pm
                                    As is typical of conspiracy junkies, you rudely insult those who disagree with you. That leaves you precisely zero room for whingeing about being insulted in return. Zero . If you don't like it, feel ... more
                                    • Do you know of a place for PH⚔⚔EY, Fri Oct 6 6:32pm
                                      people like me? Are there other free and open forums easy to enter no muss no fuss. I hate registering for anything. I would welcome a place that can handle the "buggering."
                                      • IssuesPikes, Fri Oct 6 11:08pm
                                        We can agree to disagree and remain respectful, civil, and even cordial. I don't know if we do that better or worse than other communities. Really not concerned with that, or image. I respond to... more
                                      • But you already post on both Ken and Mondo's boards, both of which are more-or-less anything goes.
                              • To which "reputable media" do you refer?PH👁🔎👁EY, Fri Oct 6 9:54am
                                It is inconsequential to the narrative as I see it. Whether it's a Ar 15 or a AR 47, obviously automatic weaponry was utilized. I think we can all agree on that. And whether either is capable of... more
                          • Has my question been answered?PH👻🔎👻EY, Thu Oct 5 3:37pm
                            When my question is answered then I will take on your rant. But it's matters not! Bro you think whatever this is about bump stock changes a video? Or eye witnesses?
                        • Doubtful....Sprout, Thu Oct 5 10:39am
                          I listened to the audio myself. And I personally hear no evidence of multiple shooters engaging targets simultaneously. It is theoretically possible PURELY from the audio data that one shooter... more
                          • Let's not belabor the M60 question.PH🔎👁🔎EY, Thu Oct 5 11:12am
                            It's a sidebar, at best a small lead, at worse a diversion. Whether you want to accept it or not, there was at least three shooters firing at a crowd quite some distance away. That distance might... more
                • Sorry to be sketchy, but a gun with a '60' designationPH🔎👁🔎EY, Thu Oct 5 9:35am
                  is being assessed by gun experts are the likely weapons used by the shooters. The modified AR 15 seems to not match up to the audio and rapidity of the firing flashes. But even though it's Friday and ... more
                  • Nope....Sprout, Thu Oct 5 9:55am
                    Wrong caliber... I have used the M60 fairly extensively and what I heard on audio does not match it at all. What the audio DOES match pretty well is an AR type platform with a bump fire stock. It... more
              • Well, let's seeJeeves, Wed Oct 4 11:29am
                We have a dangerous person armed with a knife. Can they kill people? Yes. How many? http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/25/world/japan-knife-attack-deaths/ (CNN) At least 19 people were killed and 26... more
                • I would expect bump stocks to gain a burst ofSprout, Wed Oct 4 11:40am
                  sales due to publicity. When they first came out there was a short burst of sales due to the hype of a new gadget... Then the interest faded. Not surprising to me as this is pretty common with new... more