Banned? Me? What for?
Wed Oct 4, 2017 8:10pm

Telling it as it is, factually? I should think if my views are irritating ther would be a gentle admonishment from admin. Meanwhile having spent some time this afternoon in the alternative Indy Press, the mainstream corporate media is lying and covering up what multiple Vegas eyewitnesses are saying about the massacre. Witnesses are slowing being Indy interviewed. One guy, an Australisn, had a room on the 32nd floor. He reports multiple gumnmen plus witnessing a 'security guard' shot dead by 'police.' Another Australian couples witnessed two 'security guards' chasing another 'security guard' down the escalator stairway at the Mandalay. Multiple locations on audio for various automatic weapons fire. Multiple locations including the fourth floor clearly showing automatic fire muzzle flashes. So what does all this say about the credibility of authority? What does this say about our lying MSM coverup artists with the pretty faces, smiley white "trust me" teeth, and their million dollar salaries? need not answer.