Is it okay to talk to myself?
Wed Oct 4, 2017 10:45pm

Eyewitness reports on Indy Media continue to expose the "lone shooter" lie. Multiple eyewitnesses have captured on cell phone cameras three areas at the 32 floor region where audio and visuals have exposed that at least three and probably four (fourth floor) professional killers were ensconced. This operation reminds me so much of the bar massacre in Orlando. Lots of witnesses there too who disputed the official story. What is going on with our officials, authority , and the "trust me" mainstream media lying about this? What is the agenda? Surely there is one. These attacks are global in reach. They occur on a regular basis. Who and what is running these murderous operations? My own view is this began with the 9-11 coup here in Babylon. How are these killers able to operate here in the US with so many high tech security crisp being installed in every new Barbie Doll, refrigerator, and street lamp in Babylon. Further, Las Vegas is a heavily surveilled city, inside the hotels and casinos, a out on the Strip, and city streets. Where are the videos!! Surely these killers are on camera! Somebody lugged up a lot of alledge shite isn't two rooms. Who rented the rooms? Did these scumbags have security clearances that allowed them easy access via the loading entrance? Lots of questions, legitimate, and We the people once again will be their murder victims, and con job victims. This lie will die on the vine until the next scheduled stampede.

  • Videos of sound and visuals of fourth floor shooter.PH🔎🔎EY, Wed Oct 4 10:18am
    And the great debate is At hysterical pitch. Like most of human history, this latest watershed event is founded upon a big fat lie. Everyone naw boning a big waste of verbage discussing the official... more
    • Is it okay to talk to myself? — PH👁🔎👁EY, Wed Oct 4 10:45pm
      • Of course you can. Sia☺giah, Wed Oct 4 10:50pm
        I haven't responded to your posts on this matter because I'm not buying what you're selling at this point. But you can certainly try to sell it if you want to.
        • Oh good.PH😊😊EY, Wed Oct 4 11:05pm
          As this story unfolds with greater exposure, more eyewitnesses will come forth. Authority does have a problem with their lie and coverup. This is leaking like a sieve. And more so since the queen of... more
          • My viewPikes, Wed Oct 4 11:25pm
            Hindsight is 20/20. But foresight is 50/50. Think about it.