I got a pic from the rescue service.
Wed Oct 4, 2017 10:51pm

The operation was a success. The dog is looking very good, standing and looking great. The amputation was up at the lower shoulder area. The vet charged $1,200. I and some friends are going to contribute. Plus the rescue service is putting out an appeal. We have it covered. I let them know I want first option on adoption. Usually these amputees have no problem finding a good home. Thanks for your concern.

  • Hopefully someone decent will adopt the pup.Sia☺giah, Wed Oct 4 10:39pm
    Dogs do manage with only 3 good legs. That is better than 3 good ones and one damaged one that holds them back, hurts, or is poisoning them due to infection. Keep us posted.
    • I got a pic from the rescue service. — PH🐕🐕EY, Wed Oct 4 10:51pm
      • I'm glad the poor critter came to your place.Sia☺giah, Thu Oct 5 3:58am
        You generously fed him and then got him the help he desperately needed, effectively saving his life. If his leg was that shattered and infected, it had to be zapping his energy and life blood slowly... more