I'm asking you....
Thu Oct 5, 2017 8:29am

And when I ask police officers who are my friends, they don't care if I have a gun or not. Usually when I get pulled over and offer them my license and inform them that I am armed, they laugh and say, "OK, just don't point it at me." and that is the end of the conversation with respect to firearms.

But those are GOOD cops. If you are hoping I will go and find a BAD cop to ask him, that ain't happening.

  • Ask that questionwondering, Wed Oct 4 11:33pm
    of a police officer and see if they give you an honest answer. They often have hair trigger fingers because of those "inanimate objects"...
    • I'm asking you.... — Sprout, Thu Oct 5 8:29am
      • Try on some 'black face.' Then get back to us. (nm)PH👻👻EU, Thu Oct 5 9:29am
        • the questions asked?
          • It wouldn't (nm)PH🌚🌚EY, Thu Oct 5 4:06pm
            • Then why not answer? (nm)Sprout, Thu Oct 5 5:22pm
              • What more is there to say?PH🙄🙄EY, Fri Oct 6 10:30am
                You have your nice white experiences with the white cops. Your pale face says to Johnny Law that you are passive, white, and speak the same language with much whiteface commonality. The biggest... more
                • to answer the questions asked instead of wandering about talking about cops and skin color. Now, I can understand why folks would want YOU to have a gun at all, as you are apparently batshit crazy.... more
                  • Thank you for being "nice."PH😳😳EY, Fri Oct 6 11:31am
                    Generally you are. But you are delusional if you think I am bat shit crazy. Now what was your question. You stated the cops are your friends.
                    • How crazy is bat sh!t?Pikes, Fri Oct 6 12:14pm
                      It's explosive, but is that crazy? Bat pee combines with the nitrates to produce ammonium nitrate. If that's left over energy in the waste, what energy must be harvested by the body, to afford... more
                      • These odd sayings, where do they originate?PH👀EY, Fri Oct 6 1:46pm
                        Bald as a jay bird. Dead as a door nail. Crazy as a loon. Madder than a hornet. But bat shit crazy makes no sense. Hmmmm, maybe it's in that inference? One makes no sense thus one is crazy. Tinkers... more
                    • Pick someone you know that you would consider reasonably safe to own and operate a firearm. Now, ask yourself. Does that person suddenly become LESS safe because they own two guns instead of one?... more
                      • ExamplePikes, Fri Oct 6 12:54pm
                        I have an adult student who informed me last lesson, he bought his first gun. He has serious anger management issues. He becomes red faced with hysteria at any correction. He sits still and seethes,... more
                        • Do not cut off his lessons and send him awayPH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Fri Oct 6 1:02pm
                          toooo abruptly. Ease him out. How? Suggestions: You have "gone out of business." "Moving." "Bad news from your physician." "House has been condemned." "Piano was repossessed." A friend of mine has a... more
                        • But I'll play... So, is that individual LESS dangerous to the people around him if he has 4 guns instead of 8?
                          • Absolutely not. Sia☺giah, Fri Oct 6 11:39pm
                            My husband owns a bazillion firearms. Once upon a time, he only owned two. He is not more nor less "dangerous" now than when he only owned two. The volume of firearms one owns is NOT indicative of... more
                          • Well it depends.PH👀EY, Fri Oct 6 6:49pm
                            If one is an out of shape 64 year old, maybe 4. And that is pushing it. Somehow the Patsy "thought" he would be of greater virility if he lugged into the snipers' lairs 24 heavy fully automatics. But ... more