And banning that which played
Thu Oct 5, 2017 9:54am

no role in the massacre. Becayse authority allowed these shooters to set up their lairs in a hotel, then really, the gun control rubric is really nothing but pure BS. Though it is very likely part of the agenda.....certainly a side benefit for more reactionary new leins upon the Second Amendment.

  • Always happens...Sprout, Thu Oct 5 9:47am
    Threaten to ban something and those even barely CONSIDERING the item will likely make the purchase just so they CAN have it down the road if they really decide they want it. And especially in the... more
    • And banning that which played — PH🔎👁🔎EY, Thu Oct 5 9:54am
      • Having qualified expert with the M60...Sprout, Thu Oct 5 10:22am
        and having qualified expert and competed with M16's and AR platform rifles... And having played with the bump fire stock being discussed, I can say from a fair bit of experience I HIGHLY doubt that... more