Question: who or what has the security contract
Thu Oct 5, 2017 11:42am

at the Mandalay Hotel? Even if one is so ignorant as to accept the lone gunman theory, the question remains extremely pertinent. Obviously lugging an alledged 24 suitcases heavily weighted with alledged disassembled automatic weaponry, plus the alledged explosives, and a "kitchen sink," it stretches credulity to believe this all came via the front lobby and loaded onto elevators. Granted, if he had the room for a week, he might have segued these in without noticeable suspicion. These multiple trips would be on hotel security cameras. However, given the government lie about the number of shooters, the likely entrance was to bring them in at the loading dock, past security. That too would be on camera videos. Given the strangeness of certain witnesses testimony to Indy Media, one has to suspect the security personnel, or some of them were in on the plot. The shooting of a security guard by police on the 32nd floor, and others witnessing two security guards chasing another guard out of the Mandalay inevitably leads one to question who are the good guys and bad guys. One cannot assume the two chasing the one, that they are the good guys. Further is the question of the rooms and who rented at least three, two on the 32nd and one on the fourth or fifth floor. Usually there are security cameras (and possibly audio) in the halls on all floors. Videos will show who was coming and going. Let's see thise placed before the public. We do not need an interpretation by MSM liars. Who brought what equipment into which lair?? Knowing who has the security contract will no doubt lead to some interesting speculation and a multitude of questions.

    • While I don't recall the specific dates, as I do recall, he checked into that room quite a few DAYS before the shooting.... It may even have been a week or more.
      • True. Authority alledged a week I believe.PH🔎👁🔎EY, Thu Oct 5 5:06pm
        Most accept what authority says as their facts. I do not. They lie all the time. It's a plague. Once it is obvious that witness accounts don't match the official story them their credibility in my... more