Yes, this Vegas massacre is a false flag op.
Thu Oct 5, 2017 3:50pm

And whether or not a device is fitted to a semi- automatic or not is beside the point. But that is an alledged accusation. So where to you get I have a fixation? I merely post evidence off of IBDY MEDIA TO NAKE MY CASE. Where do you gain your great insight. Further I do not sit here all day reading every post in a thread. Some posts are damned near volumes. So I missed the definition or misunderstood it if I read it. Big fvcking deal! No fixation. I want to know what went down. There are too many discrepancies to dismiss this as a flabby 64 year old man being capable of doing all that he is accused of having pulled off. You want to accept that BS, of course you can. It's easy to be spoon fed. I won't be. And I won't pretend to be a gun nut expert either. It's inconsequential to my avenue of research at this juncture. This is a very complicated false flag op that your ilk wants to simplify in tandem outrageous claims being made by authority and mainstream media.

  • declaring as FACT that you DO know that the whole thing was a "false flag" operation ??? WTF ??? While I suspect that you automatically decided that it wasn't a real attack by a lone shooter and... more
    • Yes, this Vegas massacre is a false flag op. — PH👁🔎👁EY, Thu Oct 5 3:50pm
      • My "ILK" wants to simplify in tandem outrageous claims????? ... Sia☺giah, Fri Oct 6 12:58am
        WOW. My "great insight" comes from NOT making "snap judgments" that something is a false flag op without having read up on EVERYTHING I could get my hands on FIRST. All I said to you is that I cannot ... more
        • No reason necessary.Poppet, Fri Oct 6 10:31am
          "I don't see what possible reason you have for so rudely responding to my observations." All the reason needed is that this is what conspiracy junkies do : they flip their shit at anyone who doesn't... more
          • "Clown"?PH😡😡EY, Fri Oct 6 11:26am
            This is not dignified to be referring to a contributor as a clown. I find SPROUTS invictive to be less of an insult. There is no theory where there are the facts. Without posting a plethora of links... more
            • Spare me your crocodile tears, clown.Poppet, Fri Oct 6 1:56pm
              As is typical of conspiracy junkies, you rudely insult those who disagree with you. That leaves you precisely zero room for whingeing about being insulted in return. Zero . If you don't like it, feel ... more
              • Do you know of a place for PH⚔⚔EY, Fri Oct 6 6:32pm
                people like me? Are there other free and open forums easy to enter no muss no fuss. I hate registering for anything. I would welcome a place that can handle the "buggering."
                • IssuesPikes, Fri Oct 6 11:08pm
                  We can agree to disagree and remain respectful, civil, and even cordial. I don't know if we do that better or worse than other communities. Really not concerned with that, or image. I respond to... more
                • But you already post on both Ken and Mondo's boards, both of which are more-or-less anything goes.
        • To which "reputable media" do you refer?PH👁🔎👁EY, Fri Oct 6 9:54am
          It is inconsequential to the narrative as I see it. Whether it's a Ar 15 or a AR 47, obviously automatic weaponry was utilized. I think we can all agree on that. And whether either is capable of... more
    • Has my question been answered?PH👻🔎👻EY, Thu Oct 5 3:37pm
      When my question is answered then I will take on your rant. But it's matters not! Bro you think whatever this is about bump stock changes a video? Or eye witnesses?