There you go again.
Thu Oct 5, 2017 4:57pm

I try to remain peaceful, granted snappish at times. Butt you have to stick your two cents worth in to create a disturbance based on your notion that you are not only a psychiatrist, but one who is disgusted, of all things. And how dare you accuse me of lying to get attention. I sure as hell don't need your BS. Please, you have contributed nothing to a better understanding about how a 64 year old flabby man got all those alledged guns and explosives in all those heavy suitcases past hotel metal detectors, security guards, and cameras all the way to floor 32 where he alledgedly rented not one but two rooms. Right there is the first clue: Two rooms? And not even next to each other. Therefore any dumb dumb would suspect two rooms were rented because there are to shooters. Interesting that authority immediately covered their asses and stated this patsy man rented two rooms. Guess what? There are videos showing clearly the gunfire muzzle flashes from BOTH rooms at the same time. So please go suck on an egg.

  • seem particularly disgusting. You're actually LYING and apparently willfully lying, to draw attention to yourself. Why?
    • There you go again. — PH👁🙄👁EY, Thu Oct 5 4:57pm
      • And there you go again with more fake news.HeavyHemi, Thu Oct 5 11:51pm
        Of course you didn't bother to link to your nonexistent videos. This is my last post to you ever. Your act is disgusting just another version of JB...probably where you got the idea. Same antics,... more
        • Gosh, please please don't punish me😅PH👻🔎👻EY, Fri Oct 6 10:22am
          And I have post links to my righteous assertions. Not with everybody. And it is tiresome to post links which no one cares to address as a discussion. I have to prime, nay..beg for a response. But,... more
          • days ago? Where it was understood that we don't want nor appreciate ridiculous, ugly exchanges without the slightest merit or contribution to a discussion ? You might notice that I also chastised him ... more
            • And I am in total agreement.PH👀EY, Fri Oct 6 1:36pm
              My mistake was not ignoring him. Indeed, he is persona non grata. I will have no more dealings with him.
              • We had a similar agreement over on R&E...and you violated it within 24 hours.
                • Okay, I violated the R&E arrangement,PH🙄🙄EY, Fri Oct 6 5:45pm
                  a gentleman's agreement. That was there and then. Let's face it, you do not care for my brand of argument. And would prefer I disappear. I get it. But if I tell Siagiah I will not do but one tit for... more
                  • No one cares for that "brand of argument."Poppet, Fri Oct 6 5:54pm
                    To the degree that insults can be considered a "brand of argument," that is... Lay off insulting people who don't buy into your arguments, and that will put to rest most of my objections. Fail to do... more
                    • Without belaboring the issue,PH👀EY, Fri Oct 6 6:17pm
                      some posters look for insults that are not there as any intent on my part. Some are perhaps a bit sensitive. Some are derisive of my esoteric issues. But I will attempt to correct my personality to a ... more
              • harasses you in spite of you NOT responding in kind, we WILL deal with his behavior privately, which is how it SHOULD be, but usually CAN'T be when two, or more, are at fault for something... more