I think singing low bass helps
Thu Oct 5, 2017 10:48pm

I have a low C, (C2, C, -xC, Great). When I am rested, and my voice is fresh, I can go down to the next C, (CC, C1, -yC, Contra). Lately with this thing, I can do that more easily. I found that vocalizing way down there soothes my chest and heart with the deep vibration, and shortly afterward, I am able to cough up the junk rattling around down in there. Every time I do this, it gets better. The vibration seems to break up the mucus so I can get rid of it. Does that make sense?

I know about the impairment of breathing issue, and seriousness of real pneumonia. That's why I didn't call this that.

  • water as it not only soothes a sore throat, but it kills germs at the same time. I haven't any idea what to do for a respiratory infection though. Just stay on top of it with plenty of fluids and... more
    • I think singing low bass helps — Pikes, Thu Oct 5 10:48pm
      • Not sure what my voice classification is.PH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Fri Oct 6 10:37am
        Medium range. But on occasion with a cold the range can drop quite a lot. Almost to basso. And the sound is great. Wish I were a basso... with great projection.
        • In fact, I'm often mistaken for a young'un on the phone due to my soft spoken, high-pitched voice.
          • That's better than PH👀EY, Sat Oct 7 6:12am
            having phone engages saying "yes sir" as a lady friend was laughing about this the other day. She does have a deep Beau Arthur voice.
    • Good advice.PH💊💉EY, Thu Oct 5 4:42pm
      I had some weird flu-like attack in the spring. And my throat was very sore. I don't eat sugar except as a chocolate fix now and again. But I use honey in my coffee and on my cereals. I took a couple ... more
      • metal flask when we had a sore throat or a miserable cold. It soothed it. If something "instantly" cures it, then it's either super dry throat or a heavy, thick, post nasal drip stuck to the back of... more
      • Very short sore throatPikes, Thu Oct 5 11:03pm
        My throat was only sore for little more than a day, with a couple very intense hours, with a cough so bad I nearly puked. Since then, its the rattling when I breathe, and I'm a little tired and... more
        • Get some Mucinex!wondering, Fri Oct 6 5:37am
          You might live through it this time, but next time go to a walk-in clinic and get some antibiotics to go along with the Mucinex. Do not wait for it to get better. Trust me. I've been there.
        • Sounds like bronchitisSia☺giah, Fri Oct 6 1:48am
          Inflammation of the airways causes them to narrow and secrete thick mucus, or phlegm, which clogs the small airways, causing the characteristic cough of bronchitis, wheezing, and shortness of breath. ... more
          • Many GarciasPikes, Fri Oct 6 2:00am
            I won't be foolish about this. I can be foolish, and fool like. But I didn't feel like this was that visit from Brunnhilde. Feeling crappy is one thing. Dying is another. The low notes still feel... more
            • Just watch for pneumonia or pleurisySia☺giah, Sat Oct 7 12:28am
              Pneumonia can set in overnight and you'll be in deep sneaks then with higher costs than just a quick doctor visit. If you've gone over to bronchitis, and get that often, just call your GP and ask for ... more