To which "reputable media" do you refer?
Fri Oct 6, 2017 9:54am

It is inconsequential to the narrative as I see it. Whether it's a Ar 15 or a AR 47, obviously automatic weaponry was utilized. I think we can all agree on that. And whether either is capable of reaching the concert some four football fields away at said angle at near full velocity is some perhaps SPROUT might advise. If you think anyone out here in the public can or will have all the facts, then you are dreaming. The facts are precious and difficult to obtain and to ascertain. The FBI is obviously lying and covering. The mainstream media is hooked on a script. The "experts" hired by MSM are mostly confusion artists and claim to know all. But they do not. Yet there they are on TV making their very own extraordinary claims. Let's see MSM interview the guy in the room next to the lair of one shooter! Lets see MSM post the videos from various locations of obvious audio/visual proof of more than one gunman. Let's see MSM discuss the absence of thousands of shell casings in the shooters room wherein is staged the poor man's dead body. Let's hear MSM discuss why no security camera videos for you and me to observe this old man packing in heavy suitcase filled with rifles and explosives. The LV Sheriff states the patsy (my term) could not have acted alone and was immediately contradicted by the LV FBI agent in charge. Frankly, I would take the sheriff's word. So, I do not need to be an expert about bump stock terminology or about the guns. Authority and MSM are lying. This is not a lone nut op but something way way bigger. And this cannot be hidden. Tooooo many witnesses, tooooo many contradictions.

  • My "ILK" wants to simplify in tandem outrageous claims????? ... Sia☺giah, Fri Oct 6 12:58am
    WOW. My "great insight" comes from NOT making "snap judgments" that something is a false flag op without having read up on EVERYTHING I could get my hands on FIRST. All I said to you is that I cannot ... more
    • No reason necessary.Poppet, Fri Oct 6 10:31am
      "I don't see what possible reason you have for so rudely responding to my observations." All the reason needed is that this is what conspiracy junkies do : they flip their shit at anyone who doesn't... more
      • "Clown"?PH😡😡EY, Fri Oct 6 11:26am
        This is not dignified to be referring to a contributor as a clown. I find SPROUTS invictive to be less of an insult. There is no theory where there are the facts. Without posting a plethora of links... more
        • Spare me your crocodile tears, clown.Poppet, Fri Oct 6 1:56pm
          As is typical of conspiracy junkies, you rudely insult those who disagree with you. That leaves you precisely zero room for whingeing about being insulted in return. Zero . If you don't like it, feel ... more
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            people like me? Are there other free and open forums easy to enter no muss no fuss. I hate registering for anything. I would welcome a place that can handle the "buggering."
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              We can agree to disagree and remain respectful, civil, and even cordial. I don't know if we do that better or worse than other communities. Really not concerned with that, or image. I respond to... more
            • But you already post on both Ken and Mondo's boards, both of which are more-or-less anything goes.
    • To which "reputable media" do you refer? — PH👁🔎👁EY, Fri Oct 6 9:54am