I saw that guy on "The Young Turks" play the audio of...
Fri Oct 6, 2017 9:59am (XFF:

...President Trump saying that "There's a lot of love in this room" while he was in Puerto Rico.

The moron on "The Young Turks" IMMEDIATELY claimed that President Trump had said "There's a lot of love FOR ME in this room", which is absolutely NOT what he said.

I also love how Libtards claim that President Trump was being "disrespectful" by tossing paper towels to people.

Have these idiots even SEEN the video? Do those people LOOK like they feel "disrespected" by their President?

Laughing. Smiling. Cheering. Shaking the President's hand. Taking selfies with the President. Raising up their hands, asking him to toss them some.

I mean, there's just an astounding level of intentional stupidity amongst Liberals to twist every single thing this President does into something negative.

The atmosphere in that room was happy, joking, laughing, upbeat, positive, and optimistic. And that's the President's job in that situation -- to try and lift peoples' morale.

Yet stupid Libtard Snowflakes had to do everything they could to twist it into something "disrespectful".

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