And what is 'normal'?
Fri Oct 6, 2017 12:39pm

Even if we could both define and quantify the brain down to the level that we could analyze and predict behaviors of that organ, AND we develop the tools to modify it to alter the desired outcome, to what degree is that acceptable?

How identical to we have to be? Do we only modify such that individuals no longer commit violence? Or how about non-violent felonious behavior? Or how about simply anti-social behavior?

IMO ultimately it is EMOTION that drives pretty much all of those things. If we can simply excise that from the brain... it would solve most of those problems right off the bat.

And then becomes the interesting question of do we have to wait for an individual to do something to WARRANT change? Or can we simply treat EVERYONE with the therapy that makes them simply not DESIRE to do anything outside of the acceptable standard?

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