For years I have blamed these ills
Fri Oct 6, 2017 12:46pm

on the Mickey Mouse Club. Howdy Doody was just the icing on the many layered concoction. The shock was when they all were "killed" in a bus or train wreck. Where was Spock and Seuss when I needed their hugs and kisses?

  • Obviously their spirits collaborated to bring us Donald the Menace. Implementation of any neuroscience intervention, be is surgical, chemical or genetic therapy first requires identification of... more
    • For years I have blamed these ills — PH👁🔎👁EY, Fri Oct 6 12:46pm
    • And what is 'normal'? Sprout, Fri Oct 6 12:39pm
      Even if we could both define and quantify the brain down to the level that we could analyze and predict behaviors of that organ, AND we develop the tools to modify it to alter the desired outcome, to ... more