I thought we'd discussed this kind of nonsense a few
Fri Oct 6, 2017 1:19pm

days ago? Where it was understood that we don't want nor appreciate ridiculous, ugly exchanges without the slightest merit or contribution to a discussion ?

You might notice that I also chastised him for claiming you are a "deliberate liar" as that was WAY out of line considering that there's absolutely NO reason to believe that you don't wholeheartedly believe what you're posting. Especially since he had NO CAUSE for his interjection aside of doing so just to slam you ? I posted that "chastisement" AFTER the two of you had posted a couple of "responses" to one another already last night.

That SHOULD have also served as a reminder for both of you to just STOP it already as it was the SAME behavior I pointed out to you with the example of your unnecessary interjection of deliberate provocation directed at him a few days ago. You might notice that HH has NOT added to it since being called out and chastised ? No doubt, you SAW my post to him, so WHY did you add more fuel to it again once it was apparent that 1- you'd been defended from slander and 2- It was obvious that it had been addressed and I expected it to END there??

Please help me to understand what is driving this behavior to where neither of you can just leave the other alone given how little appreciation you have for one another ??

We reasonably expect adults to behave like adults. That means ignoring those you dislike, don't appreciate, don't respect, WHATEVER the problem is and limiting any unpleasant remarks you cannot resist posting to an absolute MINIMUM, stopping once you'd had your initial say & allowing for the other to retort. If you can't make your 'case' against them, personally, in ONE unpleasant post & let them have their say in return WITHOUT responding further, then DON'T INDULGE YOURSELF by posting anything ugly at all. Is THAT clear enough now ??

We tolerate human nature by ignoring the occasional personal ugliness. However, we do NOT want that to be the normal behavior here. I know that you also post in places where it IS allowed to continue unabated, but it's NOT acceptable here.

  • Gosh, please please don't punish me😅PH👻🔎👻EY, Fri Oct 6 10:22am
    And I have post links to my righteous assertions. Not with everybody. And it is tiresome to post links which no one cares to address as a discussion. I have to prime, nay..beg for a response. But,... more
    • I thought we'd discussed this kind of nonsense a few — Sia☺giah, Fri Oct 6 1:19pm
      • And I am in total agreement.PH👀EY, Fri Oct 6 1:36pm
        My mistake was not ignoring him. Indeed, he is persona non grata. I will have no more dealings with him.
        • We had a similar agreement over on R&E...and you violated it within 24 hours.
          • Okay, I violated the R&E arrangement,PH🙄🙄EY, Fri Oct 6 5:45pm
            a gentleman's agreement. That was there and then. Let's face it, you do not care for my brand of argument. And would prefer I disappear. I get it. But if I tell Siagiah I will not do but one tit for... more
            • No one cares for that "brand of argument."Poppet, Fri Oct 6 5:54pm
              To the degree that insults can be considered a "brand of argument," that is... Lay off insulting people who don't buy into your arguments, and that will put to rest most of my objections. Fail to do... more
              • Without belaboring the issue,PH👀EY, Fri Oct 6 6:17pm
                some posters look for insults that are not there as any intent on my part. Some are perhaps a bit sensitive. Some are derisive of my esoteric issues. But I will attempt to correct my personality to a ... more
        • harasses you in spite of you NOT responding in kind, we WILL deal with his behavior privately, which is how it SHOULD be, but usually CAN'T be when two, or more, are at fault for something... more