Excellent observation.
Fri Oct 6, 2017 3:28pm

There are certainly exceptions, though, although I'd say they only go so far. I am, as you know, quite liberal in my politics...a socialist, in fact. In the overall scheme of things on the left, my support for gun rights is unusual. However, among my closer friends and acquaintances, that's not the case. While they are still mostly leftists (save for some "range pals"), there is a much higher percentage of gun owners and 2nd amendment support.

  • Especially since most of us really don't careSprout, Fri Oct 6 10:48am
    about the opinions of those OUTSIDE of our social groups. And our social groups GENERALLY match our ideology on issues like firearms. If some random stranger tells me to get rid of my guns, he can... more
    • Excellent observation. — Poppet, Fri Oct 6 3:28pm