I know enough to know CS is banned.
Fri Oct 6, 2017 7:03pm

From your previous posts one might think it was impossible in 1993 to turn semi into fully. Now you admit it was a fact. Further, you are very flippant about how the ATF operates. There was a witness to the invitation to come inspect. This can be understood as factual in a number of articles and books on the topic.
No doubt the deceased man knew the rules. He reiterated their authority. They did not do it. Why not? He was a dealer. Inspect! The ATF as I previously stated was trying to use this ability to switch as the reason for their murderous assault on those innocent people. They claimed he had done that. And if he had I do not believe the unwarrented attack in a Sunday morning was a sane approach. By the way, the peacock head of ATF, a certified idiot, was forced to resign. The last I read John McGaw was employed at DHS n a cushy job. A weasel like so many of them.

  • In 1993 there was no way to LEGALLY convertSprout, Fri Oct 6 2:27pm
    a semi-automatic firearm to a fully automatic firearm unless you are a class III DEALER and it is being registered as a dealer sample. The ATF gets to inspect dealers, whether conventional or... more
    • I know enough to know CS is banned. — PH🔎👀🔎EY, Fri Oct 6 7:03pm