Fri Oct 6, 2017 11:08pm

We can agree to disagree and remain respectful, civil, and even cordial. I don't know if we do that better or worse than other communities. Really not concerned with that, or image.

I respond to people the way they treat me, up to when they become abusive, and then I ignore them. Mf is an example. I have nothing to do with him. He is dead to me. A few others who I understand frequent his place are the same. I never go there. I don't seek to stir trouble. I can't say the same for him, as he shows up here from time to time for nothing but trouble.

I tend to give conspiracy theories about the same regard as religious bible thumpers. Most of what they say are beliefs, and "evidence" is others proposing their beliefs. I once thought the WTC7 collapse was suspicious. until I saw one photo of buildings to the NW covered in WTC7 material, proving it was not a controlled demolition, as it appears in the many videos. It absolutely did not fall into its own footprint.

Tangible evidence is a necessary higher standard for me, because anyone can say anything. Sometimes people are mistaken, and sometimes it is deliberate. I have been wrong about my share. So I tend to give a lot of latitude for margin of error. When I am wrong, I own it, and apologize.

I took a wait and see about the Vegas shooting. At this time I have no opinion other than its tragedy. Planned or not, it distracted the media away from the Trump investigation, and during the time Mueller began questioning the Russian dossier author. Reagan showed the power of distraction when the USSSR shot down the Korean passenger jet with many American on board. The story heated up and became very serious. Ominous. Then James Watt announced ethnic makeup of his cabinet, and the Korean incident was dropped, never to be resurrected.

Knowing what I know about history of marijuana and the federal government, suffice to say I don't trust the fed. Candidacy of Clinton and Trump are powerful evidence. Clandestine back scrubbing? Clearly. Proving it is another issue, They take great pains to cover their tracks. I am not concerned about their tracks. I simply don't trust them, and don't need conspiracy theories to support that mistrust.

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    people like me? Are there other free and open forums easy to enter no muss no fuss. I hate registering for anything. I would welcome a place that can handle the "buggering."
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