Harvard - Tall Ship of the Rockies
Sat Oct 7, 2017 3:32am

Harvard - Tall Ship of the Rockies

Each of the Fourteener movements features more than just the mountain and its wonders. Skiing, cycling, running, para sailing... history of the prospectors and miners, the railroads, and surveys.

A portion of this symphony uses the theme of His Guardian Angel's Watch, written and dedicated to the men and women in service as first responders in disasters and emergencies. From firefighters and police to the volunteers of the many Colorado and county search and rescue divisions, these are people who risk their lives to save others.

The Fourteeners kill people who make mistakes. They climb in the wrong weather, or take routes they aren't prepared for, or wander off route. They die from lightning, avalanches, rockfalls, falls over cliffs, hypothermia, and AMS - acute mountain sickness due to overexertion at altitude. This 2017 season, nine people died on Capitol Peak alone. Many more were rescued on other mountains, including Mt. Harvard, by some of the volunteers featured in this episode.