My latest problem:
Sat Oct 7, 2017 6:24am

I type on this spyware using my index finger. But a wood splinter from stacking firewood has become infected. It's a swollen white bubble type rise that is pulsating pain at the tip. So I have to type with my middle finger. It's fatter and clumsy. I hope this will cure itself. I tried using a pin to open it up. But my finger tips are rough and tough. If not better by Monday, I will go to clinic. It's interfering with my chores.

  • You should get that checked on.PH💉💊EY, Wed Oct 4 11:10pm
    I had pneumonia for five years before it was diagnosed. One shot and it was gone (I hope). What is your altitude? Please don't tell me Trump actually tossed out paper towel rolls in PR.
    • My latest problem: — PH💉💊EY, Sat Oct 7 6:24am
    • checked on.Pikes, Wed Oct 4 11:29pm
      Alt 5700 feet. Not high. Trump tossing paper towels into PR crowd.
      • Oh my🙄PH🙄🙄EY, Thu Oct 5 4:12pm
        Well they ARE useful, but hardly edible or drinkable. Perhaps he should have handed out cake. I suppose it works as a toilette paper. Airforce One could have buzzed the Island and dropped beans and... more
        • Since Halloween is coming, Pikes, Fri Oct 6 2:16am
          why not pumpkins from 10,000 feet? Then a follow up with frozen turkeys for Thanksgiving. I'm sure Puerto Rico would enjoy going cold turkey from Trump.
          • Good ideas!PH👻👻EY, Sat Oct 7 6:14am
            After which the honey bucket on AF1 can be discharged.
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