Receipts prove Paddock at hotel on 25 September
Sat Oct 7, 2017 10:33am

and had in room valet service for two on the 27th. Yet authority (FBI) says he checked into the Mandalay on Sept. 28. Obviously their's is a coverup in progress. Unfortunately for the official narrative, the internet proves the official story continues to be a lie. My person view after much research to date is the man was not a gun nut in the sense portrayed, and shooter was physically unable to lug weapons, explosives ( a stage set) and very heavy ammo into the hotel whether by front or delivery entrance. Who was this guest. And from what eyewitnesses report, it is obvious the security guard service played a role. I have been told one needs strength to operate a AK 47. Having reviewed a video of Paddock taken at a hotel in 2011, even then he was weak in his walk and stance. More like a out of shape 70 year old. The suite he had could have been complimentary. Referred to as connector rooms and very nice. Afterall, he was a high roller. I did see a brief reference that he had won the room as a prize. Needs further research. He was likely shot dead prior to the shooting. Video captures show muzzle flashes from other areas but none from floor 32. Who broke out the windows? Part of the staged appearance of a sniper lair? Michael Savage ( yes, anathema to the left) had an interview with Paddock's former neighbor living in Mesquite. Very compelling that Paddock was a good guy, that they had beers together, we're friends, and stated on national radio that from what he knew Paddock was set up.

    • INFOWARS? Mediacircus? SERIOUSLY?Sia☺giah, Mon Oct 9 12:14am
      Do you NOT know that Alex Jones is an absolute CLOWN and that he's routinely ridiculed for his outrageous and IDIOTIC claims? THAT'S whose claims you are using as "evidence" and calling US "stupid"?... more
    • Twice in responding to media questions, PH🔎💀🔎EY, Sun Oct 8 7:32am
      patsy Paddock's brother has alluded to having a connection to local police. And he let slip the "arm.... ...." Word or phrase before he caught himself and quickly said it was a colloquialism. But... more
      • Broken windows in Mandalay Hotel likelyPH🔎👁🔎EY, Sun Oct 8 11:44am
        a false staged visual. These two broken windows say SNIPER'S LAIR. But it's looking increasingly like no shots were fired from that conjoined suite. Index, video proofs have now surfaced showing a... more
        • Not holding my breath eitherPikes, Sun Oct 8 12:27pm
          Expectation of understanding and solution of an event like this, from a population stupid enough to elect Donald Trump president, is insanity. In fact, the Clinton - Trump showdown was a symptom of... more
          • The people's choose.PH👁EY, Sun Oct 8 12:34pm
            Good points! And your second paragraph would usher in Nirvanna.