Had a tornadic storm yesterday
Sat Oct 7, 2017 12:03pm

I was in the studio working on the Harvard music. An unusual rumble of thunder compelled me to go outside, and there, hanging down from a turbulent rotating mass of wall cloud south of us was a funnel. I rush back in to get the camera.

It wasn't forecast, and came and went without warning or notice. The weather watchers weren't paying attention. But then, tornadic storms in Colorado in October are somewhat unusual. I never saw one, or heard of one. I filmed it and set the wind music Chinook to it. Several funnel clouds formed. After it passed- the rain wrapped it, but the rotating wall cloud persisted and so did the thunder, I came back inside to look at it on the weather radar. It was a small, isolated cell in formation. But the wind shear could not have been more clear. There were no warnings or watches for us. But a few counties in the far southeastern corner were under a severe storm watch.

It wasn't mentioned on the news. Nobody expected it, so people weren't watching, or paying attention. Not law enforcement, weather watchers... I happened to be in the right place at the right time. Rare? Unprecedented!

Tornadic Storm

We also had the largest migration of Vanessa cardui butterflies on record, ongoing this past week. Wednesday I went to Denver to film them in the Denver Botanic Gardens. That day, the butterflies were so numerous, they showed up on the weather service radar. Any plants in bloom were overwhelmed with swarms. Downtown I saw a witch moth- Ascalapha odorata. It's our biggest moth. Then at the DBG, I also found among the Vanessas, a Zerene eurydice- the Southern Dog Face butterfly. They are very rare here, occurring as strays wandering north from Dixie.


Last weekend we went up to see fall colors and watched a snow storm develop over the northern Sawatch that gave Leadville its first measurable snow of the year. At the top of Cottonwood Pass, there was about four inches of new snow. I was filming for collegiate peak material. I mention this because the forecast is for the bottom to drop out, and we expect snow all the way down here Monday. This approach and rapid pass of two fronts, the one yesterday afternoon and the next one Monday might have something to do with the tornadic spin in the storm I watched.

This was Mt. Princeton on the day of filming, along with other material shot at other times.

Treasure of Mt. Princeton

When Yale Corrected Harvard

I used s bosun's whistle, or boatswain's pipe in this music.


Harvard, Tall Ship of the Rockies

These are the expansions of the collegiate peaks material I needed to properly recognize these peaks. They put the entire suite over ten hours- the second largest work in classical music literature. I have two more break outs to finish- Oxford and Columbia.

All this with waning, rattling bronchitis. Just in time for the residentroll to critique too! I hope he hears the Harvard piece. He is my Eduard Hanslick.

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        borrows idea from another work called His Guardian Angel's Watch, originally written following the WTC attack, and dedicated to all first responders who risk their lives to help others. In this case, ... more
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            I will address this in pieces. The town is Creede. It is the first "city" on the Rio Grande, and the base town for access to the mountain from the south. From the north, the nearest town is Saguache, ... more
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                    My commercial efforts are used to fund this labor of love. To say what needs to be said before I am unable to say it. Those ten hours aren't all at once. They're broken into 58 movements, each being... more