Bill Clinton's most honest moment
Sat Oct 7, 2017 2:50pm

Came during an interview after his presidency was over. He was asked why he risked so much to have sex with Monica Lewinsky. He said,

"Because I could."

Weinstein, Clinton, Trump, Weiner... they're all dix. Just because you could doesn't mean you should. Look at what these men risked for a flack in the sing with some new face. Maybe face is the wrong word. Many of the men who do this are IMO utt bugly too. Give an utt bugly man power and he is likely to abuse it.

  • Harvey Weinstein’s Media EnablersMerlin, Sat Oct 7 12:49pm
    Now that The New York Times has put together a stomach-turning chronicle of alleged sexual harassment by the movie mogul Harvey Weinstein — complete with brave, on-the-record statements from, among... more
    • Bill Clinton's most honest moment — Pikes, Sat Oct 7 2:50pm
      • Any man or woman who can not control themselves to that degree, be it sex, gambling, video games, binge watching TV, etc. does not belong in a position of power in which the lives and well being of... more
        • Not notPikes, Sun Oct 8 10:55pm
          Who' there? I dunno. Who's there? I dunno there. Do you know there? I never met there. I met there once. Where? There there.
        • You're as OCD as me? ROFL... Sia☺giah, Sun Oct 8 10:17pm
          but, the paper clips aren't evenly spaced and they aren't in a straight line; the plastic box-cutter is too close to the paper clips and not properly in line with the calculator or the book edge... more
      • He and Hildebeast lost a golden opportunityPH😊😊EY, Sat Oct 7 4:31pm
        Under the Clinton label: Monica Knee Pad, US Patent# 0069000.