He and Hildebeast lost a golden opportunity
Sat Oct 7, 2017 4:31pm

Under the Clinton label: Monica Knee Pad, US Patent# 0069000.

  • Bill Clinton's most honest momentPikes, Sat Oct 7 2:50pm
    Came during an interview after his presidency was over. He was asked why he risked so much to have sex with Monica Lewinsky. He said, "Because I could." Weinstein, Clinton, Trump, Weiner... they're... more
    • Any man or woman who can not control themselves to that degree, be it sex, gambling, video games, binge watching TV, etc. does not belong in a position of power in which the lives and well being of... more
      • Not notPikes, Sun Oct 8 10:55pm
        Who' there? I dunno. Who's there? I dunno there. Do you know there? I never met there. I met there once. Where? There there.
      • You're as OCD as me? ROFL... Sia☺giah, Sun Oct 8 10:17pm
        but, the paper clips aren't evenly spaced and they aren't in a straight line; the plastic box-cutter is too close to the paper clips and not properly in line with the calculator or the book edge... more
    • He and Hildebeast lost a golden opportunity — PH😊😊EY, Sat Oct 7 4:31pm