Broken windows in Mandalay Hotel likely
Sun Oct 8, 2017 11:44am

a false staged visual. These two broken windows say SNIPER'S LAIR. But it's looking increasingly like no shots were fired from that conjoined suite. Index, video proofs have now surfaced showing a few removed windows on the day before. The windows are designed for removal inward. Hotel maintenance is trained in the art. But it gets the question of who else? Shooters in various rooms could remove the window at night, spray the music fans, and replace the window. No one would be wiser. Clean up the room and leave when appropriate. The police were directed to the 32nd floor. The other directive was a probable suspect on the fourth floor according to dispatch. And that was because people were seeing the obvious muzzle flashes and sound. Police go to Paddock room. Find him dead. Immediately it's ruled a "suicide." Yet when one studies the room, for someone who supposedly shot off several thousand rounds,, there are relatively few spent casings. The casing in the congealed blood was dropped after the "suicide." Best guess: Paddock was killed the night of the shootings prior to its implementation. The windows were busted out and guns strewn about. The coroner's autopsy report should be an interesting read IF IT IS TRUTHFUL. To date not much else has been from authority. So I won't hold my breath.

  • Twice in responding to media questions, PH🔎💀🔎EY, Sun Oct 8 7:32am
    patsy Paddock's brother has alluded to having a connection to local police. And he let slip the "arm.... ...." Word or phrase before he caught himself and quickly said it was a colloquialism. But... more
    • Broken windows in Mandalay Hotel likely — PH🔎👁🔎EY, Sun Oct 8 11:44am
      • Not holding my breath eitherPikes, Sun Oct 8 12:27pm
        Expectation of understanding and solution of an event like this, from a population stupid enough to elect Donald Trump president, is insanity. In fact, the Clinton - Trump showdown was a symptom of... more
        • The people's choose.PH👁EY, Sun Oct 8 12:34pm
          Good points! And your second paragraph would usher in Nirvanna.