Not holding my breath either
Sun Oct 8, 2017 12:27pm

Expectation of understanding and solution of an event like this, from a population stupid enough to elect Donald Trump president, is insanity. In fact, the Clinton - Trump showdown was a symptom of it. Of all the qualified men and women who could do the job, these were the peoples' choice?

I don't expect any resolution or understanding from leadership or representation. It isn't in their best interest to resolve these issues, because once resolved, we won't have need for their services, representation and leadership, and they will be out of their jobs.

  • Broken windows in Mandalay Hotel likelyPH🔎👁🔎EY, Sun Oct 8 11:44am
    a false staged visual. These two broken windows say SNIPER'S LAIR. But it's looking increasingly like no shots were fired from that conjoined suite. Index, video proofs have now surfaced showing a... more
    • Not holding my breath either — Pikes, Sun Oct 8 12:27pm
      • The people's choose.PH👁EY, Sun Oct 8 12:34pm
        Good points! And your second paragraph would usher in Nirvanna.