How many times do you plan to claim the same thing?
Sun Oct 8, 2017 10:41pm

in the same thread to the same people?

You're presenting it as if it is a fact, when it absolutely is not.

You may believe that and trust the "evidence" discovered during your "research", but the rest of us respectfully reject that conclusion as absurd.

No offense intended. Well, at least no more offense than you clearly intend with your backhanded remarks stating that anyone who doesn't agree with you about the MSM, government, authorities, and your conclusion that it's a planned effort to destabilize the nation is STUPID.

I think it's fair to say that not only does your "evidence" not add up, but you have constantly failed to offer the slightest REASON for why ANY of them would do that, never mind explain how you can possibly trust ANY media outlets given your absolute belief that the vast majority of them are part of the conspiracy. How, exactly, does that come about? and HOW do you know that your sources aren't involved in it TOO?

Plus, obviously, you've concocted this MASSIVE conspiracy out there, involving literally hundreds of thousands of people all complicit in this "planned effort", so WHY would they "allow" your sources to spread the "truth" on the internet? Wouldn't such an enormous conspiracy also involve wiping out anyone who might expose them? THAT would make more sense if your silly conspiracy beliefs were even remotely realistic.

  • My research indicate these large scale murderous actsPH👻🔎👻EY, Sun Oct 8 7:18am
    Are not random, but part of planned effort to destabilize this nation. The security corporations are gleeful. More sales, the authority are gleeful. More power. The people remain stupid relying on... more
    • How many times do you plan to claim the same thing? — Sia☺giah, Sun Oct 8 10:41pm
      • Likely I am the only personPH🔎👁🔎EY, Sat Oct 14 10:39pm
        on this board who has taken the past seven days on the Internet to decide who is more truthful, the FBI and the Las Vegas Sheriff, or the eyewitnesses and the cell phone audio and videos. Conclusion: ... more
        • details in this attack that haven't yet been explained. However, what I was trying to tell you down below is that the MSM are all saying that the FBI and law enforcement are all still questioning if... more
          • Assumptions galore!PH👀🔎👀EY, Sun Oct 15 10:18am
            I will say it again. Authority are playing for time. This mess is different from the usual lone nut "suicidal" wrap up. At first they ran with single gunman. But quickly realized the videos and audio ... more
            • Videos that would prove their case would be kept under wraps, OBVIOUSLY. They need them to make their case. Whomever else was involved will have to be located, arrested, and ultimately prosecuted.... more
              • Right away they blamed Paddock.PH💀💀EY, Sun Oct 15 7:35pm
                He was dead. Suicided. It was never "alledged." I do not accept the concept that the case is jeopardized by admitting there was more than one shooter. The videos prove it. And why would they... more