Very cool... (nm)
Mon Oct 9, 2017 12:31am

  • Had a tornadic storm yesterdayPikes, Sat Oct 7 12:03pm
    I was in the studio working on the Harvard music. An unusual rumble of thunder compelled me to go outside, and there, hanging down from a turbulent rotating mass of wall cloud south of us was a... more
    • Very cool... (nm) — Sia☺giah, Mon Oct 9 12:31am
      • The middle sectionPikes, Mon Oct 9 11:07am
        borrows idea from another work called His Guardian Angel's Watch, originally written following the WTC attack, and dedicated to all first responders who risk their lives to help others. In this case, ... more
        • Yikes. It does sound like bacon frying! Sia☺giah, Mon Oct 9 4:52pm
          This has been one of my favorites for some of the amazing scenery that I got to see, detailed down below. At the same time as asking questions about what I was seeing, I decided to give you a "blow... more
          • Lonely and surrealPikes, Mon Oct 9 6:33pm
            I will address this in pieces. The town is Creede. It is the first "city" on the Rio Grande, and the base town for access to the mountain from the south. From the north, the nearest town is Saguache, ... more
            • because that is exactly what I'd felt, "uncomfortable, lonely, and disjointed". If that was the intent, then you succeeded in exactly what you were trying to convey. I thought it was supposed to be a ... more
              • Oxford - The Collegiate Across the Pond In The Fourteeners, with free liberty to do as I want, and lots of time, I got to write for every instrument... more
                • I think that my expectation on the last one was that it would be like a "trip up the mountain", so it really felt unpleasant to me with the music intending me to feel that way and the jumpin' around... more
                  • HowPikes, Fri Oct 13 10:51am
                    My commercial efforts are used to fund this labor of love. To say what needs to be said before I am unable to say it. Those ten hours aren't all at once. They're broken into 58 movements, each being... more