What to do
Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:15am

We recently lost our beloved Cavalier... he was 13. I'm still heartbroken.

So... we weren't really looking to get another dog right away, but... one kind of fell into our lap. An elderly couple had a border collie that was just a year old... house trained, had all her shots, spayed and everything. They had had a border collie before that they loved dearly, but they are older now and had moved into more of a city setting. Border collies are herding dogs... very intelligent and need to be active. Well, they would let her out a couple of times a day, and she would just go wherever and always come back, but they were getting concerned about the neighbors not being happy about a roaming dog, and they were going to take her to the SPCA. So they gave her to us. We live in a more rural setting, on 10 acres, with a pond, creek and woods behind us. We have a few neighbors nearby, but I don't think anyone out here is going to be concerned about a stray dog pooping on their yard or anything.

Well, I can see that we are not going to be able to contain her. She has already gone off a few times. But she does come back. We have thought about putting up an invisible fence with a shock collar, but I don't really like that idea. So my question is... what should we do? Should we just let her come and go as she pleases? Or should we try to contain and train her? Border collies need a LOT of physical and mental stimulation. She is beautiful, smart and very friendly... but I don't know if we can really give her what she needs??

    • She needs a job....Sprout, Tue Oct 10 8:40am
      Whether it be herding or doing tricks or solving challenges, she needs something to keep her mind engaged. If not it may be better to find a home for her that can.
      • I know...wondering, Tue Oct 10 10:04am
        Border collies are herding dogs, but we don't have cattle or anything. She saw a fox on the pond dam yesterday and went nuts. We took her to a dog park yesterday where there were lots of other dogs... more
        • It's neat to watch them herd....Sprout, Tue Oct 10 10:08am
          Might look at complex tricks... Think about the dog competitions where the dogs are trained to run a course over, under, and around obstacles. It requires the dog to learn new things constantly.... more
          • That's an idea!wondering, Tue Oct 10 10:15am
            I noticed at the dog park yesterday that they had some obstacle course thingies there. All we have to do is train her to navigate them. HA!
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sFI-IzQCUE