I know...
Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:04am

Border collies are herding dogs, but we don't have cattle or anything. She saw a fox on the pond dam yesterday and went nuts. We took her to a dog park yesterday where there were lots of other dogs to play with, but she was more interested in the squirrel she saw go up a tree. We have toys she likes to play with, especially the doggie frisbee, and we play with that with her and she loves it, but she will still get distracted and run off even while playing frisbee. I was thinking of getting another dog as a companion for her. My brother has a larger collie like dog that she loves to play with, and he even has cattle, but he lives too close to a freeway.

  • She needs a job....Sprout, Tue Oct 10 8:40am
    Whether it be herding or doing tricks or solving challenges, she needs something to keep her mind engaged. If not it may be better to find a home for her that can.
    • I know... — wondering, Tue Oct 10 10:04am
      • It's neat to watch them herd....Sprout, Tue Oct 10 10:08am
        Might look at complex tricks... Think about the dog competitions where the dogs are trained to run a course over, under, and around obstacles. It requires the dog to learn new things constantly.... more
        • That's an idea!wondering, Tue Oct 10 10:15am
          I noticed at the dog park yesterday that they had some obstacle course thingies there. All we have to do is train her to navigate them. HA!