If experiences in at least three states are any guide...
Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:17am

...compliance with outright bans, even of specific weapons, will not reach two-digit percentages. This leaves the very real question you ask: what then? If >90% of US gun owners refuse to comply (and that's been the case in NY, CT, and CA with outright bans of weapon types and magazines), I can't see any realistic scenario in which the ban could be actively enforced. There would be violent resistance to active confiscation; I really hope no one actually believes otherwise, as that would be a tragic misreading if it were made by those in power. In such a scenario, once most of the country was aware of the confiscation effort, the police would quickly become utterly inadequate to the task, even if all LEOs tasked with such duty complied with their orders (highly unlikely).

That leaves the military, but even if the powers-that-be figured out a way around posse comitatus, there's no way in hell the now deeply-conservative, pro-gun military would universally comply with orders to this effect. I am convinced we're talking a breakdown-of-structure scenario for a US military given such orders.

Short version: aggressive enforcement of a firearms ban of any type, buy-back or otherwise, is effectively impossible in the US.

Also, a linguistic quibble: one cannot "buy back" something that was never one's property to begin with. =P

  • Good point. Sia☺giah, Sun Oct 8 10:27pm
    I do wonder what becomes of someone who refuses to surrender their firearms in a legislated "buy back" law like they did in Australia? Do they forcibly take them? Jail them for contempt? Allow them... more
    • If experiences in at least three states are any guide... — Poppet, Tue Oct 10 11:17am
      • I'm inclined to agree... on all counts.Sia☺giah, Thu Oct 12 7:16pm
        American gun owners will, by and large, NEVER surrender their guns and consider it "just cause" to rebel against our government... Plus, the government typically uses idiotic "smart terminology" too... more
      • instead of the republican weaponization of national manufacturers. If they nationalize, they can seize. I can think of no better future than for this government to seize. Gridlock ain't good enough.... more
        • And many manufacturers aren't in the US, so seizure is impossible (or at least a hell of a lot harder than, say, smuggling). Again, 3D printing advances will very shortly make any attempt to ban all... more
          • Seize my alternate definition for this government, Or cacastocracy. 3-D printing will do for "weapons" what social media did for truth and trust. Is there a better place to commit murder from than... more
      • where the populace has been successfully disarmed (for the most part), the method used has been incremental rather than being done in one fell swoop. Relatively small changes made over a period of... more
    • US did that with goldPikes, Sun Oct 8 10:51pm
      • Which is why any gold coins I buy to keepSprout, Tue Oct 10 11:49am
        as investments are not US coinage... I'll happily own a Canadian Maple Leaf. I have a few gold coins from all over the world... But the US gov't claims the right to TAKE any US gold coinage you have... more