It wasn't a "feel good." But isn't that life?
Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:06pm

Oxford - The Collegiate Across the Pond

In The Fourteeners, with free liberty to do as I want, and lots of time, I got to write for every instrument imaginable. Instruments of the Chinese orchestra, erhu, dizi, dili kaval, train whistle flutes, an air compressor, instruments of the Italian Renaissance like oboe d'amore, rackett, serpent, cornetto, krumhorn, and viola da'more and viol da gamba, banjo, sitar, washtub bass, washboard, autoharp, dulcimer, hammer dulcimer, dobro, balalika, lute... Along the way I invented a few new instruments too. That is "proprietary" information. One work asks the clarinettist to insert the mouthpiece in the lower half of the clarinet, using the "scale set" made possible by those fingerings.

I had not written for hauptwerk organ yet, and Oxford provided opportunity to cure that. I enjoyed "playing" the piece as well!

The Fourteeners Suite takes ten hours in full, making it the second largest work in the classical music repertoire. With all the different instrumental demands, it is one of the most colorful and diverse as well.

  • because that is exactly what I'd felt, "uncomfortable, lonely, and disjointed". If that was the intent, then you succeeded in exactly what you were trying to convey. I thought it was supposed to be a ... more
    • It wasn't a "feel good." But isn't that life? — Pikes, Tue Oct 10 1:06pm
      • I think that my expectation on the last one was that it would be like a "trip up the mountain", so it really felt unpleasant to me with the music intending me to feel that way and the jumpin' around... more
        • HowPikes, Fri Oct 13 10:51am
          My commercial efforts are used to fund this labor of love. To say what needs to be said before I am unable to say it. Those ten hours aren't all at once. They're broken into 58 movements, each being... more