Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:50pm

Americanized spelling.

Saw a show about a battle between Persians and Romans at Palmyra. I am left with how all through history men followed other men for war and butchery of others, all led by men with the same selfish goals, and who justified them with lofty, Godly and spiritual ideas. You know the drill. Die for the cause. Even Jesus "died" for the cause, and that death is the celebratory center and pivot point of Christian faith.

It is hard to separate a living Jesus from the lips of men who lead others to their demise for selfish wants, from all the other promises they make to secure a following. Men turned a kneel of protest into a disrespectful defiance of an anthem, a flag, and a country. It is a lie. The protest was for equal justice. It was never the disrespect leadship claims. Knowing what I do about the "national anthem," and its selection, inside I have a belly laugh when I hear it played at games. Changing the words is lipstick on the pig. A tuxedo on the pig. Dress it up all you want, its still a pig. If you pretend it's something else, its a pretense. When you put substance to it, then it's a lie.

It's too much to ask,. to make a drinking song about the virtues of drunkenness originated by a secret, sexually promiscuous English men's club into a national anthem. But that's beside the point. That's only my issue.

Leadership is the issue. None is worth following, let alone dying for.

Harvey Weinstein would have been a charter member of the club that sang Anacreon in Heaven.

Cacastrophe; Trump in leadership

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