Over 300 million firearms already in circulation.
Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:40pm

And many manufacturers aren't in the US, so seizure is impossible (or at least a hell of a lot harder than, say, smuggling).

Again, 3D printing advances will very shortly make any attempt to ban all but the most complex (or really big) manufactured items remotely feasible. Interdicting the supply of firearms is simply not a workable solution to the gun violence problem.

  • instead of the republican weaponization of national manufacturers. If they nationalize, they can seize. I can think of no better future than for this government to seize. Gridlock ain't good enough.... more
    • Over 300 million firearms already in circulation. — Poppet, Tue Oct 10 3:40pm
      • Seize my alternate definition for this government, Or cacastocracy. 3-D printing will do for "weapons" what social media did for truth and trust. Is there a better place to commit murder from than... more