Once Upon a Midnight Dreary, Pondering the Power of Prayer
Tue Oct 10, 2017 7:06pm

it struck me that God striking someone dead is just as miraculous as God snatching someone from the jaws of death.
Jus' sayin'.

    • It certainly seems like those for which we have detailed enough stories for their personalities to emerge tend towards capriciousness. There's not usually a whole lot of middle ground between smooch... more
      • There's Always...Amadeus, Tue Oct 17 5:04pm
        ...the deist god. Aloof more than anything else. Amadeus
        • Indeed. Or Eris...Poppet, Wed Oct 18 10:37am
          ...who at least has the virtue of not trying to pretend she's something she's not: a troublemaker.
          • HeiressPikes, Wed Oct 18 11:26am
            Inherited trouble
            • I never noticed that homophone!Poppet, Wed Oct 18 1:54pm
              • Which is ironic...Poppet, Wed Oct 18 1:56pm
                ...since I kinda am one. heiress, not a goddess. Although were I the latter, I'd like to think it would be something along those lines: an agent provocateur throwing a wrench in the works.
                • Eye NewtPikes, Thu Oct 19 1:28am
                  I knew it. I like the fight between the sadist agent and the masochist provocateur. The provocateur was on bottom shouting, "Hit me! Hit me with that wrench!" and the agent was whispering, "no."
      • Duality is our projectionPH👀EY, Sun Oct 15 10:31am
        of our nature onto the gods. Currently the main ruling God is a war God. The advent of a Savior seems to me to be a collective understanding by humans that a new deal is required if we are to survive ... more
        • Gods are our projection...Poppet, Sun Oct 15 11:06am
          ...of lack of understanding of physics onto nature. ;P
          • Physics "self" created its own laws?PH👀EY, Sun Oct 15 7:50pm
            It just all happened happenstance. I prefer Spirit but spirit too is a manifestation and not the source. I believe there is a 'God.'
            • Which came first...wondering, Tue Oct 17 8:26am
              chicken or the egg? nothing or something? God or people who want to be God? If God created man in his own image, man has certainly returned the favor. Nature or Mother Nature?
              • The cool thing is, we'll probably never know.Poppet, Tue Oct 17 10:00am
                It may well be the case that the laws of physics arose during that infinitesimally-brief period of time known as the "Planck time" (the time required for light to travel in a vacuum a distance of 1... more
                • True... but my guess iswondering, Tue Oct 17 4:56pm
                  The egg came before the chicken. :)
                  • Oh, absolutely!Poppet, Tue Oct 17 5:43pm
                    Somewhere along the evolutionary path, there was a "first chicken," the first mutation that qualified as Gallus gallus domesticus (well, actually probably's not that simple and linear,... more
                    • An old sci-fi storyJeeves, Wed Oct 18 3:40pm
                      A scientist invents a time machine, but it is one-way; it only travels into the past. You can never get "back to the future"... A person who was born "immortal", i.e., he never ages, steals the... more
                • What is consuming the hydrogen on Titan? Pikes, Tue Oct 17 12:03pm
                  Methane based life? The elements gold and platinum appeared in the light from the NGC 4993 event. This confirmed that collision of two orbiting neutron stars generates the fusion force necessary to... more
          • Medieval attitudePikes, Sun Oct 15 11:36am
            You and I are on the same page. The page's position on the far right must ... more
            • Your last paragraph.PH👻👻EY, Sun Oct 15 7:54pm
              So true. Now we can see why certain narcicistic ruler issued edicts to demand to be worshipped.
    • That's quite true. Sia☺giah, Sat Oct 14 2:55am
      The freak accident that kills someone is just as amazing as the freak stroke of luck that leaves another alive.