We are not and never have been a direct democracy.
Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:14pm

So, your questions seem a tad repetitive. We also have local elections. If you only vote every 4 years, you're not being a good citizen.

  • You think you live in a democracy?Ex-News Junkie, Wed Oct 11 7:41pm
    Did you vote on the last budget? Did you vote on the war in Iraq? Did you vote on the war in Afghanistan? Did you vote on NATO support for Ukraine? Did you vote on the Mexican border wall? Did you... more
    • I would very much like to live in a society that could make plebiscite democracy work efficiently and successfully. But this society ain't it...
      • Maybe not at 51%....Sprout, Thu Oct 12 12:17pm
        But... I think if we were to set the bar HIGHER, it might work... If we set the bar at 60 or 65... If it took 65% of votes among the populace to get a given bill passed, IMO it would serve to allow... more
        • Agreed. Simple majority wouldn't be ideal.Poppet, Fri Oct 13 11:51am
          I think successful plebiscite democracy would require a greater degree of consensus. I think it would also require an efficient, secure means of instant electronic voting.With important measures all... more
    • We are not and never have been a direct democracy. — HeavyHemi, Wed Oct 11 9:14pm