Bribed and groomed
Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:54am

In most cases the person seeking "office" is corrupt and unfit. In most cases when faced with choice between two, the public is incapable of discerning which. In certain regions it is predictable the choice will be based on partisan affiliation, not merit.

To reach an election, a candidate must be thoroughly bribed and groomed by the prevailing wine, cheese, duck and goose soiree. Our resident troll of many names is an example of the kind of person responsible for the selection soiree that propels a "moore" into that position of power. Through them, corruption has every opportunity.

Recall the recent reference about a certain half breed from Troll of Many Names? He allegedly shook hands with the trump and was bought. Bought for the price he wasn't Hillary.

It isn't just the candidates themselves. Its those behind them. Old Money and trump grope with the same hands they allegedly shook with. We see what kind of refuse one regularly is. Behind their old and new money is a bloody trail that leads into the swamp and their lair.

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    • Bribed and groomed — Pikes, Thu Oct 12 10:54am