Because of the soil undermined from your foundation
Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:35pm

Did you see the September jobs report. 33,000 lost. First loss in more than 80 consecutive months of growth. Effect of Trump policy. Look for more economic erosions- and these will be catastrophic because Trump is more ignorant than W on his most ignorant day.

Trump is such a paragon of conservative values, he spent himself into bankruptcy six times, and sought bankruptcy and court action to not pay creditors what he owed.

The only aspect of the economy likely to grow due to Trump's intent and policy is the debt. You can't spend like he does, like Congress does, cut taxes, reduce revenue, and pay off debt. Any military action Trump authorizes will grow it even faster. W set an example Trump appears ready to improve.

Trump is too ignorant and arrogant to understand when he hurts people, and in his life he's hurt almost everyone with whom he came in contact. Contractors won't work for him a second time, employees don't last and never go back, and he has almost no long term friends. He buys his way through life because he thinks he can. The US presidency isn't a service. It was an acquisition made possible by the swamp. It was his achievement. His service is to himself.

There are three kinds of men. Cerebral, visceral, and guttural. Sperm and grey matter of the brain are identical in chemistry, and the difference in men is which grey matter they think with.

Trump is president of internet trolls. They defend him, and would offer to die for him except they're such cowards, only in nameless social media do they wage Trump's war.

The only reason Kim Oon makes his threats is because Dullard Donald responds. Many know dnftt. Until Trump, the US had a policy of non response to terrorists. That eroded some with Reagan. Trump put the practice in a dumpster.

Many things are different with this one. If you don't see it, that's your problem. You're warned.