Difference between indoors and outdoors.
Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:14pm (XFF:

If you can't recognize fake news, just take a look at Jeeves' post.

Nobody on a military base who is INSIDE A BUILDING (as Trump and the audience were) is required to stand or stop what they're doing when "Retreat" is being played on the Base's loudspeakers.

For example -- I just got back from Combat Engineer school at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. For most of our two weeks, we were in a classroom (or at the range and out of earshot) when "Retreat" was played outside. We didn't stop what we were doing. We didn't stand. We went on with our business. Which is correct.

On ONE day, we were outside of the classroom. OUTSIDE of the classroom. When RETREAT was played, we stopped what we were doing. Rendered the hand salute. As the Base's regulations require.

THAT is military protocol. In all my 18 years in the military, I have NEVER stopped what I was doing while INSIDE A BUILDING during Reveille or Retreat.

Secondly, no one in that audience is seen standing for "Retreat". Why would they? They aren't required or expected to.

Robin Williams was on an outdoor stage. OUTDOOR stage. If any rational, sane, unbiased, intelligent person watches THAT video, they'll see how the service members react differently -- BECAUSE THEY ARE OUTDOORS!

Just another utterly vacuous and asinine fake news story from ignorant Trump-haters.