Sacrificing oneself for another man is one thing.
Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:32pm

But what about sacrifice for his gain? Increase of his wealth or power?

Repeatedly we're asked to do this, and the gainful or powerful man tells us our sacrifice is for God, or Country.
When a country elects a leader like Trump, is it worth so much as a pledge, let alone a sacrifice?

What did Trump ever sacrifice? He sought the presidency not for service to country, but as an acquisition of a title he helped devalue, for his crowning achievement.

He is a man whose life was built on hurting others. He's such a conservative paragon, the spendthrift spent himself into bankruptcy six times, and those were filed not just to save his own skin, but to short creditors seeking to collect for building his biggest this and best that. What will be the cost for him to "make America great again?"

Now he is elevated to POTUS. Let those who elected him serve him. I cannot.