"THE left"? You made some pretty specific comments about
Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:10am

the POTUS "overreaching" and being stopped by the judiciary. You can have ONLY been talking about Obama since that did NOT happen with Clinton or Carter. Yet, later, you claim you weren't talking about Obama OR a POTUS ?????

RIF, but so is remembering what the hell YOU WROTE that others are reading.

Here's what you wrote:

Author Sprout


Subject LOL.... I find it interesting how some are deathly

Date Wed Oct 11, 2017 13:34


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"afraid of dictatorship when a POTUS they don't like is in office is doing nothing more than talking, but quite relaxed and calm when a POTUS they LIKE engages in actual overreach that is repeatedly stopped by the judicial branch.

The truth is that BOTH the Democrat AND the Republican party want to consolidate ever more and more power at the federal level. The Democrats are at least more open about it while Republicans give lip service to states rights and local authorities.

Funny how the left seemed all ready to try and censor or control radio and websites like Drudge... But when a Republican says something similar about a LEFT leaning media outlet, then suddenly the freedom of the press is paramount and critical...


  • LOL... You don't remember the leftSprout, Thu Oct 12 10:26am
    talking about trying to apply the "fairness doctrine" to talk radio? Amazing how the memory is so selective...
    • "THE left"? You made some pretty specific comments about — Sia☺giah, Fri Oct 13 1:10am