It is obviously a labor of love. Ten hours? YIKES.
Fri Oct 13, 2017 2:29am

I think that my expectation on the last one was that it would be like a "trip up the mountain", so it really felt unpleasant to me with the music intending me to feel that way and the jumpin' around vs a steady, upward climb was misunderstood on top of that.

Do you receive any compensation for all of this hard work? It must involve scads of hours of climbing/hiking, videotaping, editing, composing music, performing the music, and then putting it all together...

  • Oxford - The Collegiate Across the Pond In The Fourteeners, with free liberty to do as I want, and lots of time, I got to write for every instrument... more
    • It is obviously a labor of love. Ten hours? YIKES. — Sia☺giah, Fri Oct 13 2:29am
      • HowPikes, Fri Oct 13 10:51am
        My commercial efforts are used to fund this labor of love. To say what needs to be said before I am unable to say it. Those ten hours aren't all at once. They're broken into 58 movements, each being... more