Trump is a spendthrift
Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:31pm

He has a long history of contracting for the biggest and best this and that. Casinos, hotels and golf courses. When bills come due he short pays, slow pays, or doesn't pay, claiming "quality" wasn't up to his standards. Explains his thousands of lawsuits. By tying cases up in legal argument and court, he delays payment indefinitely. Six known times he sought bankruptcy as a tool to not have to pay or fully pay creditors.

His cabinet exhausted the Obama budget for cabinet expenses in six months, meaning they spent at twice the pace, or twice as much as the Obama cabinet functioned on, and that includes Trump's meaningless donation of salary to this and that cause.

His proposal to cut taxes also decreases revenue. That can't pay down debt and deficit.

I think the "budget" he proposes will be the strangest thing yet. He will spend like no tomorrow on some things, and cuts others into extinction. The predictable result will be a partially functioning government. Among these plans it re dedication to nuclear arms build up. undoing all efforts of Reagan et al to reduce Soviet stockpiles.

  • Seriously? He SAID that? He BELIEVES that?Sia☺giah, Fri Oct 13 12:56am
    Holy crappoli. He will go down in history as the absolute STRANGEST, most ignorant POTUS imaginable. I so hope that, because of this colossal crash & burn admin, future POTUSes are scrutinized... more
    • Trump is a spendthrift — Pikes, Fri Oct 13 1:31pm