Oh baloney! Marketing ANYTHING, including a news story
Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:47pm

involves capturing the attention of potential customers (readers in this case).

No matter what the product, the ADVERTISING (headline, product name & box design, etc.) MUST grab the attention of potential customers.

A boxed product will be designed for maximum exposure, to GRAB attention, to get potential customers to pick it up so they can look at the details of the product. Ditto newspapers and magazines. Covers are designed to get folks to pick the magazine UP.

That's the job of marketing & advertising.

So, the HEADLINE is only supposed to grab your attention, NOT be used to inform its audience. That's what the ARTICLE if for. Headlines ARE used by some to manipulate fools who don't bother to read the articles though. The so-called "spin" is used to grab attention and set the stage for what the piece is about. For those who don't go beyond the headlines, they are also written to influence those who only skim headlines for their information. Obviously, you MUST be one of them to have made this argument in the first place.

Here's some free advice: Get a clue. Headlines are written to grab attention. That's ALL they are good for.