Precisely ! When I used to work in marketing & advertising,
Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:50pm

we could only dream of having folks actually buy the products based only on how well we'd managed to GRAB THEIR ATTENTION. No one actually EXPECTED those who noticed and picked it up to just toss it into their shopping cart based on its "headline", but to read the rest of our efforts to sell the product. IOW, once we had their attention, we had to KEEP it by feeding their interest with details as to WHY they should buy it instead of putting it back down and picking up a competitor's brand. That's marketing 101 no matter the product. News, clothes, electronics, whatever...

First things first though, getting them to PICK IT UP was the first hurdle to conquer.

Ditto a news headline. As you know, that is a headline's ONLY purpose. To grab attention.