Are you seriously THIS obtuse?
Fri Oct 13, 2017 2:20pm

The OBVIOUSLY intended inference was that Merlin was simply "marketing" his post so that the rest of us might OPEN and READ it. SAME as every single poster on every single board in the world

Would anyone open a post that wasn't even remotely interesting and didn't give a fleeting peek at what might be inside? NO.

Admit it, folks open posts that INTEREST them. Thus, the subject line has to grab your attention. Many of us, myself included, often use the title from the article we are sharing as they are written by the pros.

If the subject line said, "he said this, but she said that, two sides to every story" -- Would YOU open it?

That said, HOW ON EARTH did you get that incredible LEAP of NONSENSE about Merlin from anything I wrote?