Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:04pm

Too many young climbers are taking too many unwise chances, pushing the envelope to do and go where it is unsafe. Kennedy's Patagonian bolt chopping adventure told me he is immature and that effort was to remove Maestri's legacy. After Warren Harding climbed Dawn Wall in Yosemite, Royal Robbins went up with intent to remove Harding's bolts and erase the route. After a day of chopping, he quit, having developed a new respect for Harding.

There's another man attempting to remove his predecessor's legacy in another field. Same outcome of immaturity.

I am afraid with attitudes and risk taking, we're gonna see more tragedies like this. Death toll this year on our Fourteeners is approaching thirty people.

  • I Agree, He Was Accustomed to GriefMerli n, Fri Oct 13 3:21pm
    and that with time it would heal though leaving a scar. But the Guilt was probably something he was not experienced with and it proved to be too much.
    • IMO — Pikes, Fri Oct 13 4:04pm
      • Immaturity!PH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Sat Oct 14 10:16pm
        And egos are at stake.