Ex-News Junkie
This one is safer
Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:32pm

You get to keep your limbs: PAL-V

  • Probably not, but it looks fun (nm)Jeeves, Fri Oct 13 8:19pm
    • This one is safer — Ex-News Junkie, Fri Oct 13 8:32pm
      • Review videoEx-News Junkie, Fri Oct 13 9:08pm
        PAL-V review The safety and inherent stability characteristic of gyro copters make them the best candidate for flying cars IMO, and is the main reason why I never believed in other flying car... more
        • When you considerPikes, Sat Oct 14 12:37am
          test pilots operating these for company video must have spent hours familiarizing with the instability quirks, and in the videos they clearly have some trouble, what kind of chance has your average... more
          • CorrectEx-News Junkie, Sat Oct 14 9:57am
            Some people are doomed no matter how safe it is.