The True Con Agenda: my Assessment...
Sat Oct 14, 2017 3:27pm

FWIW, the following is my personal assessment of the TRUE Con agenda based upon their behavior since Derp Fuhrer was selected to be their "hero" to save them from that big, bad Obama. Most here will probably laugh, but right now, none of us who are facing being uninsured (Medicare is some years off in my future and I recently retired, mostly due to health reasons). I also address the "labor camp" issue.


“The Republican motto is that people don’t deserve a level of basic coverage that could keep them alive in the event of an illness or an emergency. Republicans are saying that if a person gets sick, they better come up with the money to afford to live, or they can go die.” So sayeth an article I just read about Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY). But all he is actually doing is reiterating what the CON GOP agenda REALLY IS---GENOCIDE of everyone and anyone who doesn’t happen to be a millionaire or billionaire. It’s what radical Republicans such as the Koch brothers (aka, KochRoaches) believe and support with their limitless funding of such Hitler-esque plans.
This is the real reason why Republicans, led by an insane ex-TV reality show star that happens to have made a lot of money building big and cheap buildings and now the “leader of the free world,” are on this train named GENOCIDE. Trump is doing nothing more than what his financial supporters such as the Kochs want and have ordered: a country comprised of mostly wealthy and privileged folks, with just enough “little people” allowed to live so that they may serve these “elites.” In order to begin purging the millions of people in the United States, measures have already begun to remove their health care, lighten or remove restrictions in workplaces that make them safer for workers, poison rivers, lakes and streams near highly concentrated populations of poor/minorities/the elderly. And this is just a short list. They are attempting to phase out public schooling so that only private and charter schools remain, and even those already aren’t obeying state and federal rules on how taxpayer dollars are to be spent in such institutions. The real losers are the students, who will suffer from their lack of education in the same way that so many people in depressed areas of this country are. These nefarious measures being implemented by the Republicans and many more are, quite simply, designed to decrease and control the population.
There are two other ways the Republicans are creating drastic societal change: first, the forced birth of millions of babies to parents who cannot afford to raise them, and second, the mass incarceration of people for mostly non-violent drug crimes such as possession of marijuana. The children often wind up either in foster homes, orphanages, and, in the case of some of the older ones, jails and prisons. The Republicans (or, as I refer to them, “Cons”), know they will be able to use these two groups as cheap or even free slave labor. Every day in this country, inmates are farmed out to private businesses and government entities such as schools, which pay pennies for this labor compared to what they’d have to pay regular workers.
To put it mildly, the Cons now have what they have longed for: the voting muscle in Congress that makes it possible for them to pretty much ravage the country, kill large swaths of its citizenry, and repeal and revoke every single protection or entitlement that now protects ALL citizens. Even the option of voting them out is being slowly erased by the Cons’ wanton use of gerrymandering, voter machine tampering and hacking, and blatant attempts to make it difficult or impossible for racial minorities, the elderly, and the poor to be able to vote. And that’s not EVEN addressing the new hazard of voting: interference by a foreign country (Russia) on behalf of a certain candidate.
With all of these strikes against the average American citizen, an eventual crash of this entire confidence scheme being perpetrated by the Cons will hopefully blow up in their faces and this country will finally be able to make a U-Turn away from these disastrous Con policies.

That is, unless we get blown to Kingdom Come the next time our “President” angers a foreign leader!

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